Blackface Skit Jackson Jive

Harry Connick Jr. Gets Offended after an Australian TV Show Airs A Blackface Skit Calling It The Jackson Jive. Connick said America spent so much time to not make black people look like buffoons. Connick said if he knew if that the act was part of the show he definitely would have not done it. Connick said he is speaking as an American not as a white American. This is the second post where a person blackfaced a skit, Turkish Announcer Does Obama Story In Blackface.

I know, I know! Obama is not referred here, but ask yourself, have you seen any blackface acts the past 5-10-20 years. Two skits in six months. I bring Obama to the arena because the Turkish reporter was directed toward Obama. These idiots were acting like the Jackson 5, maybe because America has a Black President they decided to redo their old act. Question, Are people using Blackface to make a statement toward OBAMA? How long before we see a Blackfaced Family (man, woman, two girls around 11 and 13) on YouTube, BLACKFACED?

    • Brent
    • October 9th, 2009

    I knew Australians were racist. These mf’s been doing this for 20 years. Im glad Connick said something about it.

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