Michelle Obama’s Potbelly

moprego1monotpregoThursday, 9/24 you can see Michelle’s potbelly as she wore the pearl dress at the G20 dinner.

Saturday, 9/26 when she wore a black dress, Michelle’s pot belly is gone! Within two days Michelle lost her potbelly! What happened = GIRDLE!

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    • ghettoblackify
    • October 4th, 2009

    Why does it really matter?

    • emptysuit
    • October 4th, 2009

    ghettoblackify, You wouldn’t believe how important this is to some. Thanks for stopping by…don’t be a stranger.

    • CeCe
    • October 4th, 2009

    She is so FAKE! I have noticed this also. Then she wants to be be a guru in healthy eating.

    • lster921
    • February 6th, 2010

    seems the media and her handlers perhaps, are trying hard to make her into a Jackie Kennedy, fashion sense-wise.
    So far…not working out so well.

    • kunta kanta
    • February 18th, 2010


    • Tonja
    • June 14th, 2010

    The world knows that Michelle is out of shape and ugly as homemade sin. Look at that fat ass belly!

    • Anonymous
    • August 17th, 2010

    I don’t like them either, but don’t be an ass…

    • Miscegenylady
    • November 4th, 2010

    Wow! Wow! The abysmal shallowness, and BTW, uselessness of this site and the above ‘article’ – and I use the term very loosely – is breathtaking! And, I do mean that in not a flattering way. Are you all this hard up or is this the only reading level you can manage? Michelle is a strong, AND beautiful, and might I add, SMART Black woman. Does this site really allow people to use the ‘n’ word? The level of ignorance these articles display is just depressing. Why is this President trying to work with you people? I could not have the patience (and I am an EXTREMELY patient person) to keep letting idiots speak as though they weren’t just that – idiots.

  1. Y’all REALLY need lives. Really. Is this a slow post day? All you could come up with is shots about the womans body? Lord have mercy…

    FYI- Barbera Bush and Dubya’s wifey were both built like war tanks and had 2 potbellies apiece. So is THAT news?

  2. God! Finally a sane person in the house!

  3. for you… to ALOT of other people in the world she is an elegant, well dressed, educated woman. She doesnt have to be or want to be Jackie O (who I have great respecy for. She’s trending on her own swag.

    Its people like you with those dusty ass rose colored glasses who dont think so…

    • lalbinayasingh
    • February 13th, 2011

    it is very strange to know about the important person of amrica.she is living like a ordinary person.thanks

    • jean
    • October 28th, 2012

    in a way, it is not fair to talk about her imperfect body, but the media seems to want to pretend that she is something she is not, a role model for fashion and female physique? i think this is the reason why people are talking about her body, because many pretend it is somehow a body we women want to achieve. i have no desire to have a body like hers, and i think that maybe the case for most women young(especially) and old….but then most americans are overweight, so in comparison, she is not bad.

    • Anonymous
    • November 7th, 2012

    she is a fatass. And she tells every one else how to eat, maybe she need to watch her own diet. Buesy body.

    • Anonymous
    • November 9th, 2012

    every woman wants to have a lovely body, however , bleaching her skin is a slap in the face to all african americans. is says i don’t want to be black.

    • anthony famous
    • February 24th, 2013

    I hear comparisons all the time to the wives of former presidents and mrs. obama,such as barbera bush and so on. Comparisons are also often made with president Obama and george w but focus is often lost. Showing how shallow and phony this administration’s followers are along with the obama presidency itself. The focus should be on what is being projected in this administration. Michelle is projecting herself as some health guru but is far from it, she is the one that is putting herself in the context of being a health enthusiast. Obama is the one claiming to be the messiah but he screwed up america’s economy along with the global economy in effect saving no one while creating a beautiful and very comfortable enviroment for himself and anyone else fortunate enough to kiss his ass!

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