Michelle And Barack Rejected

obama-aloneThe City of Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting. Chicago received only 18 first-round votes. Madrid was the leader after Round 1 with 28, followed by Rio de Janeiro with 26. In the final round, Rio beat Madrid 66-32. Obama + Michelle x Oprah = 0

VIDEO: Mayor Daley’s Pitch
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VIDEO: First Lady Michelle Obama’s Pitch
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VIDEO: Pat Ryan On Chicago’s 2016 Olympic Loss

City officials first announced in July 2005 that Chicago would be making a bid for the 2016 games. Four years ago. And our President and his wife couldn’t present nothing other than their roots in Chicago. These two self-centered losers should have minded their own business, but their ego got the best of them. I didn’t want the Olympics in Chicago from the beginning, so I’m twice as happy Rio was chosen.

  1. I wonder how many favors the Chicago political mob promised him in exchange for making the big pitch to the Olympic committee? Chicago lost, but Obama surely won.

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