Obama Fails Olympic Pick

largeObama tried to pull his star-studded stunts for the International Olympic Committee. The committee didn’t fall for that trick. Chicago was voted out in First Round.

Barack, the Arrogant, who has blamed America for everything. Thinks the world owes him something. Has no experience and can only communicate through a teleprompter was there. His wife, Michelle Obama, the Ghetto Queen, and can only make new of Non-News. Has the idea that she’s “Miss Thang.” And headed the committee of the Olympic run was there. Oprah Winfrey, Queen of Talk Show, Ms Ego Out This World and thought here input would win this hands down was there.

They go to Copenhagen talking about, the benefits the city will have over the long run. Michelle talked about how her family members love sports and that the Olympic Committee picking Chicago means a lot to her personally. She spoke about bridging the gap and this is where she’s from. Michelle, WE DON’T CARE! Stop playing that “I’m a victim game.” Michelle is so wrapped up in race issues and all that “whoa it’s me” bull, GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT!!!!

Barack was no better, he mentioned how his family moved around a lot, and then he came to Chicago. Again, WE DON’T CARE. Then he started talking about whom he worked with. Saying things like the practical and inspiration exist in harmony, and people there reach for dreams. Was he trying to write a poem or something? Mr. Inexperience next time you spend over $25 Million of taxpayers money, flying your family and friends to Copenhagen on Air Force One with escorts, to impress members of some committee talk about logistics, security, hotel stay, travel services, space for visitors, attractions within the city. That’s what they want to here, not your dame his-story about you moving to Chicago.

What’s wrong with these Three Stooges, Barack must have thought he was on a Presidential campaign or something. He must have thought that showing up in person was enough to win over the Olympic committee, remember he thinks he is a celebrity everywhere. Michelle thought that she had enough passion to win over the committee, walking around with her tight girdle on, hunched over with puffy hair, talking about her roots and how her father loved the Olympic games.  Then there’s “THE OPRAH.” Her attitude was, “I’m going to bring the bacon home.” Looks like she ate the bacon rather than delivering the bacon.

Noticed anything, the Obama’s still couldn’t say anything good about America. The best they could do was to mention their roots, and how others love the Olympic Games. The Obama’s didn’t say anything about how much they love the Olympic Games. They couldn’t, THEY DON’T LOVE THIS COUNTRY. Barack next time don’t send a Ghetto Queen to do a dignitaries job. That’s why Chicago had been eliminated in the first round of secret balloting, taking only 18 of the 94 votes cast. Mayor Richard Daley hadn’t even arrived at the Copenhagen conference center, where IOC members commenced their early-evening selection process, when word came that That Rio de Janeiro eventually prevailed after the maximum three rounds of voting.

The world knows how the Obama feel about America. Hell, every time they leave America to visit another country they bash America. Why would the IOC pick a country that the First Family doesn’t like? Better, a city that don’t want the games there and has troubles with crime, business, politics. The only people that fall for the Obama’s me, me, me are the Obama Kool-Aid Drinkers. Barack and Michelle, Outside the United States…They Drink TEA!

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    • CeCe
    • October 2nd, 2009

    Obama might be glad Brazil won, he may get a chance to look at Mayara Tavares ass again.

    • Perez Christina
    • October 2nd, 2009

    you republican fool !

    • Jay Z
    • October 3rd, 2009

    Emptysuit well said. The Obamas failed because they are losers. Obama won the election because whites felt guilty and didn’t want to be called racist. I voted for him because I wanted a black to be in office. I knew he was worthless, the change in office color was my goal. Obama thought he could use his color to sway votes, thats why both of them talked about their roots in Chicago. That race card only works in the US. Obama has nothing to offer this country, he cannot get anything done and 10 months latter he still has no idea of how to run the country. A baby would be walking and trying to talk by this time. People have pump Michelle up thinking that she can run things when she can’t and Oprah should have stayed her ass in Chicago doing more sit up. This was a reality check for all three of these fools, and the world is getting tired of them al ready. The IOC voted them out in the first round, thats how much they were interested in them. In other words they told them to take their ass back to where ever they came from, quick. I like your discriptions of these three stooges.

  1. Outstanding commentary! Keep it up.

    Don LCL

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