Muammar Gaddafi Address Obama As Son

Gaddafi was introduced as the “leader of the revolution, President of the African Union and King of Kings of Africa”.

shakehand-apAt mark 1:26 Gaddafi called Obama “Son”

Gaddafi said, “Sixty-five wars broke out after the establishment of the United Nations and after the establishment of the UN security council – enough of this”.

Gaddafi said,  “it should not be called Security Council, it should be called the Terror Council”.

Gaddafi began calling for investigations into the assassinations of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Gaddafi wants investigations into the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Gaddafi said the swine flu might be a military or corporate weapon that got out of a lab.

“We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever as a president of United States of America,” Gaddafi said. Does the Lockerbie bomber remind you of anything.

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