Michelle Obama’s Arms

435Here is another Michelle Obama News That’s Not News post, ‘Michelle Arms’. Help me here PLEASE!!! The MSM has gone wild over Michelle’s arms. To me, they appear to be normal female arms. Her personal trainer, Cornell McClellan, has been working with the first lady since 1997, the year her husband Barack Obama was first elected to the Illinois Senate. I don’t see anything to make them ‘stand out’ as many of the MSM has reported. You be the judge.

Michelle Obama’s buff

arms: a how-to guide Los Angeles Times

Michelle Obama’s arm workout secrets revealed Ottawa Citizen –

How to banish bingo wings and get toned triceps like Michelle Obama Daily Mail

secret behind Michelle Obama’s beautiful armsTimes Online

Michelle Obama’s arms: the nine minute secret Telegraph.co.uk


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bama 47109 mobama Sdates

What’s your verdict?

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    • bibbity
    • March 3rd, 2010

    Basically, all black women (or, at least the ones who aren’t morbidly obese) have arms like that. Don’t believe me? If you live in a US city, pay careful attention and you will see that it’s absolutely true.

    • Kathy
    • March 17th, 2010

    Although her arms are in decent shape; she needs to keep them covered anyway. Her fashion choices are pathetic; lacking in style and elegance to properly represent the role as First Lady. Its outrageous to see her step off Air Force One in burmuda shorts looking like a professional wresler. I saw footage of her meeting Obama in jeans so tight revealing way too many cracks and crevices. So inappropriate for her age as well.

  1. my arms would look buff too if i spent all day swinging thru trees on vines!!!

    • anthony famous
    • February 23rd, 2013

    when your related to the primate evolution would cause somewhat of a uneven flap in the upper appendages causing an illusion if you will of muscle tone and darkness almost blackness of ones face and underarms.

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