Obama’s Irish Ancestor Found in Cathedral

obama-irish1Add ‘Obama Grave Diggers’ to my list of ‘Obama Kool-Aid Drinkers’, ;Obama Dust Sniffers’ and ‘Obamedia’ film maker Gabriel Murray claim he has unearthed “Obama’s Lost Tomb” inside the 13th century St. Canice’s Cathedral. This tomb is claimed tho contain the remains of Obama’s Irish ancestor, his great-great-great grandfather on his mother’s side, Fulmouth Kearney. I wonder if there are Obama Grave Diggers looking for his great-great-great grandfather on his father’s side? This takes Obama’s roots back to the Irish medieval city of Kilkenny, and claim that Obama’s Sixth Generation Grand Uncle Was Bishop of Kearney. Documentation in the ancient archive department at Trinity College, Dublin, that stated that Bishop Kearney was buried in a tomb in St. Canice’s Cathedral.

Records show that Kearney, was reared in Moneygall, Ireland then left for America in 1850, when he was 19. Kearney sailed to New York aboard the S.S. Marmion. The shoemaker’s son made a life in America, and his family line eventually produced Ann Durham, who was born in Kansas. Durham married the Kenyan, Barack Obama, who was studying in Hawaii, and in 1961 they had a son, Obama.

Murray used old maps to identify a hidden. They deciphered the Latin on the hundreds of tombs when they came across Bishop John Kearney’s resting place, number 19 on the map. We have Obama in Tombs, my post Obama’s Image In Tomb

Now are we expecting to find Obama’s image in the ancient megaliths and stone circles, such as Stonehenge, have often been associated with the Druids. This makes my argument of Obama being a Barack Obama A Muslim wrong, he’s a Druid. What is Obama?

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