Obama’s Health Care, A Bad Idea

obamahealthcare1Obama’s own doctor, Dr. David Scheiner, the Chicago doctor who treated President Barack Obama for more than two decades, said “It’s a bad program. I don’t think it’s what he feels in his heart is necessary. I think it’s what he feels politically is the best way,” said Scheiner, who acknowledged he has not discussed the subject directly with Obama.

The reserve fund would not have to cover the costs of some important healthcare reforms already enacted and paid for.

Socialized medicine has failed every time it is tried. Socialized medicine means, among other things, rationing, waiting for availability, all financial controls and the authority to deny treatment that is not considered cost effective, even though it may be a life or death decision. Control of the system, financial and medical decisions, will be made by politicians and bureaucrats. The medical doctor and patient will have no say in the medical treatment.

The House bill sets out a system of low-deductibles, co-pays, and “actuarial equivalents” that would make it impossible for a high-deductible plan with only catastrophic-care coverage, costing around $5,000, to qualify. So consumers would be trapped in expensive plans — in our case, costing $13,500.

Middle- and upper-middle class Americans could face an enormous increase in their premiums. The hit could easily approach $4,000 for someone earning less than $90,000 — or more than double that increase as soon as the worker’s pay hits six figures. That’s because Obama’s plan would collect hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes at the expense of medium earners, and re-channel the money into subsidies for the uninsured, low-income earners, and union retirees over age 55.

53% Of U.S. Voters Opposed To Obama’s Health Care Plan. Recent polling data from Rasmussen and Gallup indicates that more Americans disapprove than approve of the proposed Democrat-sponsored health care reform legislation that is currently up for consideration in the U.S. Congress.

44-year-old couple with an income of $66,150, slightly over the eligibility limit for a state insurance subsidy, policies cost at least $1,000 a month, or $12,000 a year—eighteen percent of their income. The cheapest policy, at $820 a month.  A family with kids could only afford $364 in monthly premiums.

America does not have enough doctors in the country to care for 35 million more patients.

This “pay or play” provision requires that they pay an 8% payroll tax in exchange for canceling coverage — only employers with revenues below $400,000 would pay less (see pages 149-150 of H.R. 3200).

It’s socialized medicine. America has had corporate medicine for about 35 years which is managed medicine by the government, and it has been a total disaster. And it didn’t work, so now we only have one other choice, it seems, and that is going towards total government medicine.

About 35 million Americans will be added to the system, and everyone will have access to a rich, standard package of benefits. These benefits are far more than what the average American needs or would be normally paying for.

The bottom line is that socialized medicine simply doesn’t work.  It hasn’t worked in the United States.  The citizens of Massachusetts and Hawaii can tell you that.  And it hasn’t worked in other countries abroad.  That’s why people from Britain and Canada come to the United States for treatment.

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