Military Deaths In Afghanistan

795Since the Afghanistan War started in 2001, 2009 is the deadliest year for foreign troops since the overthrow of the Taliban. The independent website said 63 foreign soldiers died in Afghanistan so far this month and 295 so far this year, making 2009 the worst year on record after less than nine months. Obama, who accused Bush during the 2008 campaign of favouring a “war of choice” in Iraq over a “war of necessity” in Afghanistan, has ordered 21,000 more soldiers to the fight. Remind you readers, Obam a became Commander In Chief in November 2008 and has been in office since January, eight months ago.

Obama plans to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan to about 68,000 by year’s end, more than double the 32,000 the US had there before he took office at the beginning of the year. The situation in Afghanistan is “deteriorating”, the Taliban’s tactics are becoming more sophisticated, the Taliban insurgency has gotten better, more sophisticated. US combat deaths in Afghanistan have risen since Barack Obama, the US president, ordered a troop build-up with a record 44 US soldiers killed in July. 

Here are figures for foreign military deaths as a result of violence or accidents in Afghanistan since 2001: Reuters

United States 802
Britain 206
Canada 128
Germany 35
France 29
Denmark 25
Spain 25
Netherlands 19
Italy 15
Other nations 60
TOTAL: 1,344

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America’s eight-year war in Afghanistan is the new ‘Vietnam.’

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