Obama’s 9 Trillion Dollar Deficit

Over the next 10 years, the net impact is to add $2 trillion to the projected deficit, compared to our last projection made based on February’s economic assumptions. 65That brings the projected 10-year deficit for 2010-2019 to $9.05 trillion.

Obama has LIED to America again. The congressional budget analysts said in a report that the deficit this year will total $1.6 trillion. In February when Obama made his statement, the Democrat, Obama Supporters, MSM went crazy, declaring that Obama is fix the country. The new estimates of our ten-year deficit jumped by $2 trillion to $9 trillion Obama! The Obama adminstration has promised a pay-as-you-go rule for new spending, which means that, as in health care reform, any new spending measures will have to be accounted for to stay deficit neutral. AND there no mentionings of this from the  Obama supporters.

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