Bad Poll Numbers For Obama And Democrats

Obama_approval_rating_august_2009Democrat_favorability_08-2009Pew Research Center

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    • josiahe
    • May 21st, 2010

    My blog was censored – there was no swearing, just unpopular views. Beware of saying anything that they can judge “mature”, especially anything anti-Islam.

  1. Okay here’s number one, I didnt read your blog however, if it contained anything about Islam in it as pertaining to our Nations President it should have been censored. When will you people get a clue? Secondly those so called bad poll numbers only prove one thing, they didnt ask us (non-white, people of color, working poor) anything because had they did those numbers would be alot different.

    Secondly, stop hating and stand behind our President through these hard times instead of trying to destroy him and block everything he’s trying to do to help this country. How American is that?

  2. I pray Ron Paul is elected in 2012.

    The war on terror, votes for FISA and the Patriot Act, a skyrocketing deficit, an unsustainable foreign empire, an inevitable collapse of the dollar if paths aren’t changed.

    Your reasoning is also flawed; why is dissent and wishing for the better, which you don’t point out as you incorrectly generalize, such a bad thing. I, and many people, who oppose the current state of America love the constitution and want what is best.

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