Six Bomb Blasts In Baghdad Kills 95, Wound 536

barak-grinningSix bombs killed 95 people and wounded 536 in Baghdad and the Obama administration  insisted the American pull out from Iraq will continue. The Liberals are so wrapped up in the George Bush Illegal War that it does not matter if bombing continue, innocent people continue to be kill, insurgent continue to rebuild. I even posted about Obama And Baghdad Suicide Bombers April 30th listing the bombings going there.

Obama and his administration are dead set on reversing any of Bush’s policies, especially those dealing with Iraq. Analysts said the co-ordinated attacks were a message ‘to show the world the insurgents are still there’. Obama has stated that  “Iraq’s future is in the hands of its own people”. That state should have shown the people how he feels.

0761One blast, a massive truck bomb close to a security checkpoint, blew out the windows of the foreign ministry, sending shards of glass through offices, killing dozens. Another truck bomb in Baghdad’s Waziriya district near the finance ministry killed at least 28. The Baghdad provincial government building also came under mortar attack, as did the Salhiya district in central Baghdad, home to army bases and a television station.

article-1207610-061BBF68000005DC-665_634x574In south Baghdad’s Bayaa district, a blast killed two people and wounded five. The attacks were the work of an alliance between former Baath party members loyal to Saddam Hussein and religious extremists. This is unbelievable, that the President of the United States will do nothing about this. UNBELIEVABLE!  Pull the troops out of Iraq and send them to Afghanistan where as of Aug. 18, 2009, at least 708 members of the U.S. military has died according to the Defense Department. Of those, the military reports 536 were killed by hostile action.

Under the US withdrawal plan, combat troops are due to leave Iraq by the end of August next year, leaving behind 50,000 troops in training and advisory roles pending a full withdrawal by the end of 2011. Is Obama fit to be President?

US insists Iraq pull-out will not be halted by fresh wave of violence
Six bomb blasts rip through Baghdad leaving at least 95 dead and 536 wounded

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