Obama’s Friend Axelrod Profit From Health Care Plan

obamaI have wondered why Obama has pushed so hard for this Health Care Overhaul. Answer = democratic consulting firms that are closely connected to Obama and two top advisers are looking to make a huge profit from Obama’s Health Plans. GMMB, which worked for Obama’s 2008 campaign and AKPD Message and Media, which was founded by David Axelrod received ad deals, worth a total of $24 million, bankrolled by the pharmaceutical industry that went to an advertising firm founded by White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod. Axelrod’s son Michael and Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe work there. AKPD is in part responsible for two separate $12 million ad campaigns funded by in part Americans for Stable Quality Care, a coalition led by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the industry association also known as PhRMA.

Axelrod took steps to separate himself from AKPD when he joined Obama’s White House. AKPD owes him $2 million from his stock. Axelrod’s buy-out deal calls for five annual installments of $200,000 from Ask. AKP will pay installments of $350,000, $650,000, $400,000 and $600,000 starting with the $350,000 on Dec. 31. And we thought Obama was honest, Obama is lining his pockets, his friends pockets and the media will avoid any issues concerning this.

Remember Illinois Gov. Rod Blajogevich trying to sale Obama’s senate seat off to the highest bidder. Obama skinned and grinned this off, and the public accused those of talking about this as ‘Obama Haters’, their is truth behind the connection of that sale and Obama, Obama was behind this all the way, Blajogevich got caught and took the fall, because, WE DON’T REPORT OBAMA’S CROOKED WAYS. Naturally Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called the claim that Axelrod will personally benefit from the ad deal “ridiculous.” That’s what he is suppose to do when Obama get caught in scandals.

White House Denies Axelrod Benefits from Ad Deals
Firms with Obama ties profit from health push
Axelrod Cashes In On ‘Change’

The Democratic National Committee paid AKPD at least $106,000 for polling, media production, communication consulting and travel costs from February through April. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee paid GMMB roughly $75,000 from February through June for ads. And GMMB took in at least $9,000 this year from Senate leader Reid’s political action committee for communications consulting. AKP, in Chicago, is now getting contracts from major groups assembled to push Obama’s massive health care agenda. They include Healthy Economy Now and Americans for Stable Quality Care. Obama crooked, scandalous way are being exposed day by day.

When will we start getting honest politicians?

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