Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist

GlennBeckGlenn Beck the conservative Fox News host said that Obama’s criticism of Cambridge, Mass., police for arresting prominent black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his own home was just the latest evidence that Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people or white culture.”


Was Beck right, lets see Obama said that police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “acted stupidly” adding “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played,” Obama defended Gates that Wednesday night, while admitting that he may be “a little biased,” because Gates is a friend. In Beck’s view Obama my be a racist.


The only people getting upset over this is the Obama Kool Aid Drinkers and Obama Dust Sniffers. Bloggers are going crazy over Beck’s statement, remind you Beck is a ‘Conservative’ you see his color. Beck can call Obama anything he wants to, I can call Obama anything I want to. Jessie Jackson wanted to cut his *** off,



Did anybody get up in arm about that.


Obama is not immune to criticism or race calling, Hell look at what Democrats black/white call Bush for the past eight years.  When Obama entered this Gates/Crowley drama he should have thought about his comments…he didn’t and now some feel the statement were race based, like Glenn Beck. Beck is not the only one that feel that Obama is a racist,


A.W.R. Hawkins in Human Events said President Obama is clearly a “race-baiter,” and the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. “wasn’t a proper subject for presidential commentary,” but Barack Obama pounced on it in a manner worthy of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Obama was supposed to be our first post-racial president, but he’s flinging “reckless charges of ‘racism'” the way Democrats have for ages whenever they wanted to silence their political adversaries.


Rabbi Eliezer Waldman a settler rabbi in Jerusalem has labelled Obama a ‘racist’ at a rally to protest the United States’ call for a total freeze on Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank.


Obama called a racist by Israeli citizens


Obama’s a Racist


One Reporter’s Opinion — Obama Has Racist Agenda


If you read about Obama’s work as a ‘Community Organizer’ you will see why he attacked the officers the way he did. Im not siding with Beck here but people see what they want to see. Beck has the right to say what he said, like it or not.


My question is ‘do you think Obama is a racist?’





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If I help him, he’s going to help me


  1. No.

    • DeMario
    • July 30th, 2009

    How did this become a racial issue? Every time a white officer arrest a black person will this be considered a racial move, the white man taking down the black man. I knew when the Gates was arrested this was going to become a racial issue. Obama looked at this in racial views, that is why he made the ‘stupidly’ statement, he saw a white man arresting his friend, a black man. Crowley went to the house for a possible break-in, he did verify that Gates stayed at the house. Gates didn’t keep his big mouth shut and Crowley got fed up with his actions and arrested his ass. Obama should have keep his remarks to himself, and stop jumping in front of a camera to sale himself. Habits are hard to break, and Obama’s actions here shows that. If this is how Obama acted as a ‘Community Organizer’ I feel sorry for this country. The Cambridge Police Department needs to release EVERY BLACK person they have in prison to avoid being call racist. The Cambridge white police men/women should call to dispatchers and make reports that actions were not taken when black are involved in crimes or disturbance calls, that way this will not happen again. So when a black person rob someone, the officer making the scene needs to let him/her go. What would Obama and Gates say about this. This shows where the country is going under OBAMA.

    • Stan The Man
    • July 30th, 2009

    you know this country will not accept this. black people cant be racist, dont Beck know black people rules.

    • Anonymous
    • July 30th, 2009

    I don’t think Obama is racist, I don’t think any of the action from Crowley, Gates or Obama were racist. I didn’t know Jackson made that statement, that was a shocker.

  2. I believe Obama is a racist and does have a racist agenda. Look at the people he surrounds himself with. Also, did any of the kool-aid people READ Obama’s books? Obama says things like, “White folks will do you that way.” He called his grandmother “a typical white person.” He sat in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years. Why is it that only white people can be labelled racist? There’s a lot of that on all sides. Obama surrounds himself with people who make continual, racist remarks against white people. Wake up. He is what he is. What would happen if his grandmother had said, “Barrack is a typical black boy?” You don’t have to think about that one too long.

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