Obama Prompter Crash!

Can Obama be so boring that his teleprompter passes out, or is the teleprompter tired of all the lies Obama reads from it. What ever the case TOTUS , as it is often referred to, came crashing down, hitting the wood floor and crashing in many pieces during a speech Obama was giving in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Obama was talking about pulling the economy back from the brink, I see why TOTUS decided to crash, Obama has crashed the economy with his bull, and the teleprompter decided it was not going to take anymore. Can we deal with Obama and his idea of Economic Recovory or not?

    • J. T.
    • July 15th, 2009

    I came via another site that you recently visited, you have some interesting postings here. I can’t say I agree with your logic about Obama, but your writings are interesting. The site I visit frequently removed your comments after you made your second post which was a great come-back. I think you struck a nerve with the blogger. You made a great point, I will hang around if you don’t mind. JT

    • emptysuit
    • July 16th, 2009

    J. T., thanks for taking the time, I have to think about the site your talking about. I hope I didn’t make an internet enemy there. We may not agree on some of Obama issues, this blog is only about his political views. I’m with Obama as a father and husband, I have stated that in a few posting. State what you feel, that what blogging is about. Everyone that visit is not agreeing. I’m going to figure out who you’re talking about. Thanks, don’t be a stranger.

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