Obama / House passes climate-change bill

inkingDemocrats passed a climate and energy legislation with a vote of 219-212. 211 Democrats and 8 Republicans voted for this 1,200 page bill that no one read except for Rep. John Boehner, the House Republican leader, who called this bill a “bureaucratic nightmare” that would cost jobs, depress real estate prices and put the government into parts of the economy where it now has no role. This bill called ‘H.R 2454 American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009’ is one of these liberal agendas that Al Gore, Edward Markey, Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and our precious President Barack Obama has been waiting for. As usual Democrats hailed the legislation, Republicans explained that it would damage the economy. Similar to the ‘Stimulus Bill’ that Obama and Biden has declared was a ‘economic guess’. The Obama and congressional Democrats continue to lie about bill that will create jobs, this time the lie is millions of “green jobs”. Does Obama and his Kool Aid Drinking Democrats look that the Unemployment Reports, there are still no jobs from the Stimulus Bill…. There are no jobs created from these bills!

The claim is that as the nation shifts to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar and development of more fuel-efficient vehicles, someone will get a job, YEAH in Mexico! Don’t Obama realize that the problem with the auto industry was the fact that better cars are designed in other countries, now you want to make a ‘green car’ that putts along the hwy, nobody will buy this car just like they are not buying these cars now, and it will fail like the hybrids that was introduced five years ago. If this become law, it could make it more expensive for people to heat, cool and light their homes, and forced to buy smaller cars…remember Obama bailed out the auto industry, the government has a large percent of the companies now.

We have been suckered by Obama and his Washington Circus in this bill, explain? OK, Rick Boucher (D-Va.) has been trying for the past year to get Congress to set up an independent corporation dedicated to clean coal development. Boucher introduced the Carbon Capture and Storage Early Deployment Act (HR 6258), it got some hearings in 2008, but went nowhere and died. Boucher reintroduced the bill this year as (HR 1689). Boucher bill was incorporated as pages 52-75. The average American uses 13,635 KWh of electricity a year (2005), the minimum assessment for coal-fired power would add less than $6 to an average person’s annual electric bill, less than 50 cents a month. A family of four would see a rise of less than $24 a year. The country gets about half of its electricity from coal. Coal miners are worried because this proposal cut into demand for coal. Utilities that rely on coal to generate much of their electricity are projecting skyrocketing rates. This is nothing more then Liberal Democrats getting their pet projects passed into law, why do you think Obama lobbied Democrats for this. This bill mandates:

•The U.S. to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent by 2020 through a cap-and-trade program that allows pollution permits to be bought and sold.

•In 2012, all electricity generators would be required to submit allowances for greenhouse gas emissions from their sites, with the exception of emissions from the combustion of liquid fuels, coke, and renewable biomass. Any facility or entity that produces or imports petroleum or coal-based liquids, petroleum coke, or natural gas liquids would be required to submit allowances for emissions that would result from the combustion of those fuels–if emissions exceed 25,000 tons per year. Producers and importers of HFCs, as well as importers of products containing HFCs would be required to submit to the Environmental Protection Agency an allowance for each carbon dioxide-equivalent ton of HFC they emit.

•A 83-percent cut by 2050, reductions that will be accomplished by putting a price on carbon dioxide through a cap-and-trade system.

•That 20 percent of electricity comes from renewable sources and increased energy efficiency by 2020.

•In 2012, CBO estimates that the energy rebate would range from $161 for a single person to $359 for a five-person household. Single people with no children would be ineligible if their income exceeded $23,000, while families with at least two children would be ineligible if their income exceeded $42,000.

•In 2014, again, industrial facilities that manufacture products or burn fossil fuels would be required to submit allowances for all greenhouse gas emissions from their sites–with the exception of emissions from the combustion of various types of liquid fuels, coke, and renewable biomass — if they emit more than 25,000 tons of carbon per year.

•Gives electric utilities, coal plants, energy-intensive manufacturers, farmers, petroleum refiners, and other industries special protections to help them transition to a new, less-fossil fuel-intensive ways of doing business.

•Controlling carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels and limiting six other greenhouse gases.

•The government would limit heat-trapping pollution from factories, refineries and power plants and issue allowances for polluters. Most of the allowances would be given away, but about 15 percent would be auctioned by bid and the proceeds used to defray higher energy costs for lower-income individuals and families.

•Raise electricity prices for consumers by $175 a year per household by 2020 according to CBO. Forget the $3,000 price hike predicted by Republicans, a price increase is a price increase. And the Liberal Democrats call this economic recovery? The EPA estimated $80 to $110 a year.

•CBO estimates that about 7,400 facilities would be affected by cap-and-trade programs.

•Requiring electric utilities to produce at least 12% of their power from renewable sources such wind and solar energy by 2020, and requiring as much as 8% in energy efficiency savings.

•Create the Carbon Storage Research Corporation and funnel $10 billion to support the corporation over the next 10 years, with up to $500 million designated simply for “administrative expenses” to be spent at the discretion of its officers.

•Limit emissions from major industrial sources, including power plants, factories, refineries and electricity and natural gas distributors. Emissions from agriculture would be excluded from the cap.

•Establishing standards that will require new buildings to be 30% more energy-efficient by 2012 and 50% more efficient by 2016.

•Sell pollution permits and raise more than $600 billion over a decade. This money to finance continuation of a middle class tax cut. 85 percent of the permits are to be given away rather than sold in a ceoncession to energy companies.

•Allowing companies to meet emission-limiting targets by investing in offset projects such as tree planting and forest protection.

•To force the transition to a low-carbon economy, the legislation would implement a Renewable Electricity Standard and require utilities to purchase a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020. Utilities that could not meet the requirement could pay a alternative compliance fee to their state government, which CBO estimates would collectively amount to no more than $500 million between 2012 and 2019.

•Impose tighter performance standards on new coal-fired power plants and providing $1 billion a year in development money for capturing carbon dioxide from such plants.

•Protect consumers from rising energy costs by giving rebates and credits to low-income households.

•Alan Grayson won a pledge of support that $50 million from the proceeds of pollution permit sales in the bill would go to a proposed new hurricane research facility in his district in Orlando, Fl. I smell a rotten egg here.

•CBO estimates that allowances for greenhouse gas emissions would start at $15 in 2010 and increase to $26 in 2019.

•During the first year that cap-and-trade becomes effective, 29.6 percent of the emissions allowances would initially be auctioned off. By 2022, the percentage of allowances auctioned would be 18.4 percent and gradually increase to about 70 percent in 2031 and remain at that level through 2050.

With all that said, let me take you back to March, the 410 Billion Omnibus Bill for Climate and Energy. I posted all the earmarks. Obama signs this bill into law:

•Environmental Protection Agency: $7.6 billion. This includes $224 million for grants to states to implement the Clean Air Act, $60 million for grants to reduce emissions from diesel engines, and $50 million for the Energy Star program. Congress also appropriated $10 million for new grants to encourage communities to find ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

•Department of Energy: $27 billion to build on stimulus-funded efforts to conserve and produce clean, efficient, domestic energy, and to improve nuclear security. Solar energy R&D and demo projects meant to make solar power more affordable get $175 million, while collaborative vehicle technology initiatives to help the auto industry improve efficiency with better batteries and clean-fuel engines get $273 million.

•Weatherization grants and innovative technology loan with $200 million and $18.5 billion. The DOE’s Office of Science a $755 million increase to $4.8 billion. That’s for “basic scientific research critical to addressing long-term energy needs,” and more than 2,500 more researchers.

•Climate Change: $232 million for various programs to address global climate change, and nearly $2 billion to study it. $10 million to meet the mandate that the U.S. produce 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels by 2022, and $3 million for carbon capture and sequestration research at the U.S. Geological Survey. Another $6.5 million is set to help fund development of a registry for greenhouse gas emissions. Congress appropriated $14.7 million for the Global Climate Change Mitigation Fund to encourage businesses to use green practices.

•National Institute of Standards and Technology Research: $819 million to “promote American innovation and economic competitiveness. $110 million goes to a public-private partnership program designed to provide small and midsized manufacturers with technical advice and access to technology, and to leverage private funds for job creation. Technology Innovation Program gets $65 million for “high-risk high-reward research into areas of critical national need” at businesses, colleges and national labs.

Why do you think the vote was 219-212, they had just signed this bill, and Obama is stuffing another copy into taxpayers pockets. More than 1,200 pages of Obama making our great grand children suffer from his economic mistakes. When the bill passed, the chamber erupted in applause, shaking Markey and Waxman’s hands, and America, had no idea, because this was done on a Friday, when everyone leaves work for the weekend, I do have to give it to Obama and his Democrat Circus Clowns, they do know how to pull a fast one on America.

    • Anonymous
    • June 28th, 2009

    Were talking about the years past 2012, Obama hopefully will have his ass out of office and the next president will strike down all the bills Obama signed, like he’s doing with Bush’s bills. Why do democrats think everyone wants to live like them? I hope this bill does not fly. Im glad to see you’re keeping up with his spending, that ‘earmark’ post was the bomb, and I like your laidoff postings. Keep up the good work.

    • z
    • June 29th, 2009

    He sure DOES know how to pull a fast one…well said.
    CALL CALL CALL your senators, people! We have to make SURE they don’t pass this bill..I believe they won’t. I really do.

    • Stan The Man
    • June 29th, 2009

    and we wonder why so many companies are closing, they will not be able to follow these standards and pay for national health. I see why companies are going overseas. Obama has really rubbed the corporations the wrong way. This is a question, did he have plans to go after corporations?

  1. June 30th, 2009

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