Governor Jim Gibbons and President Barack Obama

10In February Obama made this statement about Las Vegas “You are not going to be able to give out these big bonuses until you pay taxpayers back. You can’t get corporate jets. You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayers’ dime.” Obama will be in Las Vegas next week to attend a fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. He’s meeting with everyone except Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, who called the president comments ‘Reckless’. That’s right, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, has been denied a meeting with President Obama.

This is another example of our unfitted, inexperience, arrogant President. Obama’s statement that companies shouldn’t book trips to Las Vegas if they have received federal bailouts has  caused economic damage to convention business and tourism business in Nevada. I guess all other states that hold major conventions would be fine. Obama has no business telling corporations where they can send their people for meetings or training. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reported over 400 conventions and business meetings scheduled to take place in Las Vegas recently have been cancelled, translating into 111,800 guests and 250,000 “room-nights.” The cancelled events cost the Las Vegas economy over $100 million, not including gaming revenue. Gibbons is not happy. Gibbons has asked Obama for a sit-down meeting when Obama comes Las Vegas for a political fundraiser….Denied.

See Obama can make statements like this, cause economic damage, reduce business, cause families to hit harder times, and will not help the struggling families in Las Vegas and Nevada who are out of work because of his comments. Obama politics, pure and simple. The White House did call, only to tell Gibbons that the president will not have time to meet with him. Obama statement has caused the highest unemployment rates in decades in Nevada. Hardworking, middle-class families are suffering because of what Obama said, and Obama will not consider a sit-down meeting with the Governor to help. Obama, what did you run for President for, Fame? History? Stardome? A Movie?  It has to be something else other than to Be President!

Gibbons said Obama stood for change, but all he has done is brought negative economic change to Nevada, well Governor Obama has brought negative economic change to the whole nation, not just Nevada.  Now he’s going to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser for Harry Reid. He announces others not to visit Las Vegas but he can, do you see some hypocrisy here?  Classic Obama Politics. I say protest this visit with signs saying ‘you killed my job’ maybe that will get his attention, then again it may not – remember his comments on Tea Parties.

Should Gibbons and Obama meet? Should Obama tell business where they can send employees for meetings? Should Obama keep his big mouth shut and stop trying to run Corporate America?

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