Obama 100 Days Laid Off List

453Some companies that have Laid Off since Obama has been in office:

Date      Company   Total    Laid Off    Industry
4/23/2009    Embarq     51    Telecommunications
4/22/2009    Philip Morris    1,100    Tobacco
4/22/2009    T. Rowe Price    288    Financials
4/22/2009    Capital One Financial    60    Financials
4/22/2009    Brown-Forman    250    Food
4/21/2009    Yahoo!     675    Software
4/20/2009    Nordstrom     72    Retailing
4/18/2009    Weyerhaeuser     814    Materials
4/15/2009    Emerson Electric    14,200    Conglomerates
4/14/2009    Discover Financial Services   500    Business Services
4/14/2009    Deere & Co.     1,387    Capital Goods
4/13/2009    General Electric    3,235    Conglomerates
4/9/2009    Johnson & Johnson    900    Pharmaceuticals
4/8/2009    Procter & Gamble    410    Household
4/6/2009    Eastman Chemical    300    Chemicals
4/6/2009    Navistar International    350    Durables
4/3/2009    FedEx     1,900    Transportation
4/3/2009    Walt Disney    3,100    Media
4/2/2009    Rite Aid    297    Retailing
4/01/2009     3M    3,500    Conglomerates
3/31/2009    Cardinal Health    800    Health Care
3/30/2009    KLA-Tencor     500    Semiconductors
3/27/2009    Wal-Mart Stores    1,850    Retailing
3/26/2009    Agilent Technologies    3,300    Technology
3/26/2009    Google     300    Software
3/25/2009    Berkshire Hathaway    945    Finance
3/25/2009    Constellation Brands    400    Food
3/25/2009    IBM     7,800    Software
3/24/2009    Legg Mason     320    Financials
3/24/2009    Synovus Financial    200    Banking
3/24/2009    Cummins    1,427    Capital Goods
3/22/2009    Freeport-McMoRan    2,800    Materials
3/19/2009    Lam Research    375    Semiconductors
3/17/2009    Caterpillar     27,378    Capital Goods
3/17/2009    Corning    200    Technology
3/16/2009    TRW Automotive Holdings    417    Consumer Durables
3/13/2009    Baker Hughes    3,000    Oil & Gas
3/13/2009    PPG Industries    2,500    Chemicals
3/13/2009    Sunoco    750    Oil & Gas
3/11/2009    AMR     323    Transportation
3/10/2009    Lowe’s     82    Retailing
3/10/2009    Principal Financial    60    Financials
3/10/2009    United Technologies    11,600    Conglomerates
3/4/2009    Northrop Grumman    750    Aerospace
3/4/2009    Dover     180    Conglomerates
3/4/2009    General Dynamics    1,379    Aerospace
3/3/2009    U.S. Steel     6,705    Materials
3/3/2009    FirstEnergy    335    Utilities
2/26/2009    Chesapeake Energy    215    Oil & Gas Operations
2/26/2009    JPMorgan Chase    14,000    Banking
2/25/2009    Dow Chemical, Corning     800     Joint Venture
2/25/2009    Coach     150     Household
2/24/2009    Micron Technology    2,000    Semiconductors
2/19/2009    Avon Products    3,000    Household
2/19/2009    Forturne Brands    236    Consumer Durables
2/18/2009    Chevron    230    Oil and gas
2/18/2009    Delta Air Lines    2,100    Transportation
2/18/2009    Best Buy    540    Retailing
2/18/2009    Goodyear    5,000    Consumer Durables
2/17/2009    MDU Resources    130    Utilities
2/17/2009    General Motors    66,758    Consumer Durables
2/17/2009    Johnson Controls    205    Consumer Durables
2/17/2009    Smithfield Foods    1,800    Food
2/16/2009    Delphi    800    Consumer Durables
2/11/2009    United Technologies    1,350    Conglomerates
2/11/2009    W.W. Grainger    400    Capital Goods
2/11/2009    Terex    5,000    Capital Goods
2/10/2009    News Corp.    90    Media
2/10/2009    U.S. Airways Group    233    Transportation
2/10/2009    Nike    1,400    Products
2/5/2009    Estée Lauder    2,000    Personal Products
2/5/2009    Allergan    460    Pharmaceuticals
2/4/2009    Time Warner    2,750    Media
2/4/2009    Cisco Systems     2,000    Technology
2/3/2009    Bancshares    500    Banking
2/3/2009    Electronic Arts    1,100    Software
2/3/2009    PNC Financial Services    5,800    Banking
2/3/2009    Comcast    50    Media
2/2/2009    Goodrich    35    Aerospace
2/2/2009    Macy’s    7,000    Retailing
1/30/2009    Sears Holdings    300    Retailing
1/29/2009    Broadcom    200    Semiconductors
1/29/2009    International Gaming Technology     200    Leisure
1/29/2009    Textron    4,665    Conglomerates
1/29/2009    Ford    3,800    Durables
1/29/2009    Eastman Kodak    4,500    Household
1/29/2009    Black and Decker    1,200    Household
1/28/2009    Starbucks     6,700    Restaurants
1/28/2009    Boeing    10,000    Aerospace
1/27/2009    Target     1,000    Retailing
1/27/2009    Masco     600    Construction
1/26/2009    Texas Instruments    3,400    Semiconductors
1/26/2009    Lincoln National    540    Insurance
1/26/2009    Home Depot     7,000    Retailing
1/26/2009    Pfizer     19,800    Pharmaceuticals
1/26/2009    Sprint Nextel    8,000    Telecommunications
1/23/2009    Abercrombie & Fitch    50    Retailing
1/23/2009    Harley-Davidson    1,100    Consumer Durables
1/22/2009    Microsoft     5,000    Software
1/22/2009    Huntsman     1,665    Chemicals
1/21/2009    Burlington Santa Fe     2,500    Transportation
1/21/2009    UAL     1,000    Transportation
1/21/2009    SPX     400    Conglomerates
1/21/2009    Intel     5,000    Semiconductors
1/21/2009    Wynn Resorts    53    Leisure
1/21/2009    Eaton    5,609    Capital Goods
1/20/2009    Clear Channel    1,850    Media

Obama, where are these JOBS !!

    • Europe
    • April 26th, 2009

    I have heard of these lay off, haven’t seen these numbers, what a list.

    • emptysuit
    • April 26th, 2009

    Europe, you hear this every day/week, some company laying off, the numbers slip up on you when you look at the list. Thanks.

    • Anonymous
    • April 26th, 2009

    This is only 100 days, dame! what will the year look like?

  1. Wow, this is a very damning list! Where on earth did you find this gem?

    • emptysuit
    • April 26th, 2009

    Anonymous, I can’t imagine how the year’s list will look like, if you read that student financing post, some private lenders will be added to this list. Thanks for stopping in, don’t be a stranger.

    • emptysuit
    • April 26th, 2009

    Clifton B, scary, list came from Forbes, I have 7 other list with more names, will be adding later. I dig your site too, its on my blogroll. Thanks for stopping in….Please don’t be a stranger

  2. What a list? Had to be a short one. Did not see Circuit City on there. But wow! Great information. Where are the jobs?

    • emptysuit
    • April 27th, 2009

    Ron B, it’s something, I had to look for circuit city also, it closed and I don’t think that closing was on this list. Remember the jobs will be created from the stimulus bill….yeah right! How many of those jobs will pay over 45K? Ron B, thanks for stopping by, please don’t be a stranger here.

    • reaganiterepublican
    • April 27th, 2009

    I guess “velocity is a virtue”, as has been said about Obama… when you’re trying to ram a radical agenda down the throats of a economically shell-shocked populace before they wake-up to what you’re doing. And what Obama is doing is dismantling everything that made America great… in the name of his wacked-out Marxist-professor mentors.

    Only a fool would cheer risky programs with no historical precedent of success like astronomical pork-barrel spending (while borrowing ALL of the money from communist China), a Jimmy Carter-esque pacifist foreign policy steeped in appeasement, embracing scum like Hugo Chavez while insulting traditional allies… and Obama & Co. display a pattern of dishonesty that is troubling- that’s putting it politely.

    Check back with us in a year- when people start to come out of the ether after a couple international embarrassments and 10% inflation from the reckless print-money spending-spree that The One if foisting on us.

    In three years, people will wince at the very mention of the name “Obama”- and the GOP could win 40 states running Gilbert Gottfried.


  3. You do know these aren’t his fault don’t you?

    Or are you still mad he won, you big sore loser.

    • emptysuit
    • April 29th, 2009

    reaganiterepublican, they will never wake up, as long as you dangle the carrot the horse will follow, you’re right stating that he is dismantling everything, look at the state of the country now. Thanks for stopping in, don’t be a stranger.

    • emptysuit
    • April 29th, 2009

    Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, come on !!! do you think of ME that way, a big sore loser? That’s for the liberals, Obama and his Aid Drinking Administration are the BIG SORE LOSERS, thats why they are reversing everything Bush did, They Cant Get Over The Fact That Bush Won (TWICE). Now for this post, it is OBAMA’s fault, all this started in August 2008 when Obama start yapping about taxing everyone that made over 250K and that he was going to tax the hell out of big business and spread the wealth. Anyone with sense and was making that kind of money, running a big corporation and had valued stock knew what was going to happen, the effect, shut down the business, stop making money, and pull all stock funds. Summery what you have today, a fallen economy, business that has laid off or shut down and a nation that has lost hope in restructuring the wealth. Look at that list, look at the past 16 years, Look at GM..he took over that, look at the banks…he took that. A Big Failure. Obama has not been in politics long enough to understand the ropes of the system. He can’t even decide on what to do with this flu situation, and the lib’s talk about a national health system. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…Thanks Daniel for stopping in…DON’T BE A STRANGER HERE….but bring Tea not Kool-Aid.

  4. So you are a big sore loser then?


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