American Captain Richard Phillips Rescued

philRichard Phillips, captain of the Maersk Alabama, was pulled from a lifeboat and brought aboard the USS Bainbridge. Four pirates were holding Phillips off the Somali coast, ending a five day hostage drama with sharpshooters firing from the fantail of a U.S. Navy destroyer killed three of the pirates. Questions about President Barack Obama concerns start circulating Friday. Reports are that Obama had given standing orders for a rescue effort if Phillips’s life was in danger, according to the White House press office, which also told us that President Barack Obama didn’t bow to Saudi King, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. The heroes here are the Navy, the Seals and Capt. Richard Phillips.

This ordeal begun with the Somali pirates hauling themselves up from a small boat bobbing on the surface of the Indian Ocean. As the pirates shot in the air, Phillips told them to lock themselves in a cabin and offered himself in exchange for their safety. The 19 member crew was challenged with the order to leave the captain behind and head for safe harbor in Mombasa, Kenya. Phillips had been held aboard the lifeboat since April 8. Meanwhile President Obama would make the response about this to a reporter, “Guys, we’re talking about housing right now.”

c5fPhillips lifeboat  was closely watched by U.S. warships and a helicopter. Everyone should know that the Pentagon officials are not authorized to discuss matters publicly. According to the White House Situation Room, Obama had been briefed 17 times and had provided the authority for the rescue, this “the authority to use appropriate force to save the life of the captain.” Then Obama start playing with his puppy “Bo”.

The pirates were armed with AK-47s and had small- caliber pistols. Phillips jumped out of the lifeboat Friday and tried to swim for his freedom but was recaptured when a pirate fired an automatic weapon at him. U.S. Navy vessel had approached by this time, the SEALSs would take action. SEALs are the Navy’s special warfare commandos. The pirates had threatened to kill Phillips if attacked. Three U.S. warships were within easy reach of the lifeboat on Saturday. The U.S. Navy had assumed the pirates would try to get their hostage to shore, where they can hide him on Somalia’s lawless soil and be in a stronger position to negotiate a ransom.

In a swift fire fight Easter Sunday, three of the four Somali pirates ere killed by Special Forces Commandos, Phillips was rescued unharmed. Many prayers have been answered for Captain Richard Phillips. Let’s give thanks to the Navy, SEALS, and Commandos that will take action and protect Americans. What do you think about this?

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