Obama Nuclear Weapons

missilePresident Obama nuclear weapons goal of a world without nuclear weapons is another dreamland vision this President has. As Obama put it to a large crowd in Prague’s central square, “I state clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.” The Obama administration wants to cut our conventional war-fighting capability, by eliminating “costly” weapons systems. How would we defend ourselves against conventional weapons, in a world without nuclear weapons,? Without the best conventional weapons, and without nukes, what would we use to stop a potential attacks from rouge groups. Dream on Obama, a world without nuclear weapons, soon you will have to wake up and face the real world. Nuclear weapons programs are cheaper than maintaining large armies and navies in many countries, most seek nuclear weapons as security.

Obama promised to negotiate a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with the Russians, drastically cut nuclear stockpiles, push for U.S. ratification of a test-ban treaty, press for more controls on the spread of nuclear weapons, put an end to Cold War thinking and continued, calling for “strengthening” the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, tell that to North Korea which signed it and then simply violated its terms and withdrew. What small country would honor this no-nukes deal. It opens the possibility of new weapons of mass destruction. How would Israel defend itself against bordering Arab countries, how would Pakistan stand against India, what about other small country conflicts?

I must remind you, North Korea launched a multistage rocket over Japan a few hours before Obama’s ‘no nukes speech’. Does Obama know he is Commander In Chief, because his idea of national security is not getting good grades now. This is a dangerous world when you’re dealing with international politics. Does this matter to the Obama administration?

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