Michelle Obama’s Fashion

001Michelle Obama has captured the hearts of many foreign leaders and their spouses this week. I’m sure photographers, fashionistas and anyone with access to a digital device capable of taking pictures enjoyed this week. Michelle role as America’s first lady is one of special resonance to the world leaders and the European public. She has had more impact on Europe than any first lady since Jackie Kennedy.

Michelle is the balance of the Obamas during this G20 summit. See, while do things like, hum….bowing to Saudi King, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Michelle Obama makes up by appearing somewhere and crowds gather to get a peek of this high-wattage celebrity. While Obama loses his thought reading a teleprompter, Michelle mingles with Britain’s Sarah Brown, Russia’s Svetlana Medvedev and Brazil’s Marisa Leticia Lula da Silva. People at one event were so excited to get a hug from her that the Secret Service agents got a little nervous. You follow me here, bad Obama – good Obama, that’s the balance. I’m not a big fan of Michelle, but I do have to admit, outside of her controversial encounter with the Queen, Michelle has presented herself well. Now when she gets back to the states, I will be singing a different tune, you may not hear it, but I will.

153Fashion enthusiasts have focused to Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni Sarkozy her French counterpart. FYI – Italian, former model, singer songwriter and wife of French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Michelle seems to be giving Carla a run for her money when it comes to ‘style’ in the fashion community. When they meet in France, naturally the media were waiting in anticipation to see what each would wear and who would look better, winner Michelle , dressed in a black and red poppy print jacket. Brunei, a taupe jacket. The coat was special within it self, in reverse it became her dress. This design was by Than Panichgul. Michelle has varied her style ranging from sleeveless designer dresses to cardigans and skirts from J. Crew. Now ask the question, why don’t you dress like this in the states, why would you go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater to meet the Queen? I Don’t Know.

In London Michelle was seen in a Michael Norris dress and a long ivory coat with black grosgrain piping, at Air Force One at London’s Stagnated Airport, she had changed to a yellow dress designed by Jason Aju. She was in a black/white Isabel Toledo dress during the G-20 summit events. She was seen wearing a crystal constellation cardigan, a tank and a mint green pencil skirt by J. Crew. A suburban shopping mall retailer sold out of its $298 crystal constellation cardigan, within a day after Obama wore it. Bruni Sarkozy stayed with the high-end designs modeling famous labels in world fashion, like Christian Door.

Michelle has gotten some criticism from U. S. designers like Oscar de la Rent, Vera Wang, and Donna Kaaren. Both ladies are under constant pressure from designers and there are both style powerhouses. Michelle has gotten thumbs up from me for her fashion statements only. Nothing bad, just finding the balancing point. It all boils down to….when out of the country, the first lady is the extension of the president, we need her to balance his mistakes.  Send me your thoughts.

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