25 DVDs & A Toy, WOW ! Inexperience !

iifDo you remember during the elections the term “inexperience”, well a demonstration of Obama’s Inexperience was demonstrated to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. See Obama has no idea of what is going on, neither does his wife, I had to include this cause she is the First Lady. Prime Minister Brown took great steps to make sure the President Of The United States Of America received meaningful gifts as a tradition when visiting the White House.

Prime Minister Brown gave three presents to the President Of The United States Of America. One gift was a pen set made from the oak timbers of the antislavery ship H.M.S. Gannet, a late 19th century sloop tasked with battling the evil forces of slave trading this is a very thoughtful gift, considering Obama is the United States first executive officer elected of African decent.
Obama got a handcrafted desk ornament, made from the exH.M.S. President. He also got some Churchill books and a framed commission for H.M.S. Resolute.

The second gift PM Brown gave Zero was the framed commission from the H.M.S. Gannet’s sister ship, the H.M.S. Resolute. The H.M.S. Resolute figures into relations between our two countries as the H.M.S. Resolute was lost in ice flows back in 1855, abandoned by Queen Victoria but rescued a year later by the United States and returned to Queen Victoria and the people of the UK. The timbers from the H.M.S. Resolute, which was broken up in 1879 were used in the construction of the desk that now sits in the Oval Office. Queen Victoria commissioned a desk to be built from the salvaged timbers and presented the desk to President Rutherford Hayes in 1880.

The third and last gift given to the “Dear One” was a first edition of a 7 volume biography of Winston Churchill, by Martin Gilbert, a addition to the bust of Sir Winston that sits in the Oval Office, on loan from the British since 2001. Prime Minister Brown gave Obama’s children 6 copies of books from British authors that will be published in the US shortly. In addition, Mrs. Brown also gifted each of Zero’s children with an outfit from a recently opened British store here in the US.

This is a wonderful gesture from Prime Minister Brown and his wife. With hundreds of years of history between our two countries, gifts exchanging between leaders is one of the most respected aspects of two countries relationship. It seems like there was great thought in these gifts for our President Of The United States Of America.

Now you ask what did Obama, the President Of The United States Of America, Leader of the most powerful country in the free world, The man of ‘change and hope’, the ‘messiah’ to many, give to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown….. collection of Top 25 American movies on DVD and his sons got toy versions of the president’s Marine One helicopter.

Again, where is the Media? How embarrassing.

  1. I ‘m surprised Obama gave him movies. After all, it smacks of evil American capitalism. What was he thinking?!

  2. Ugh – I did a post about this also. How embarrassing BHO is. Classless, my mother would say.

    Love Mark Steyn who pointed out that those damn movies probably won’t even play on a British DVD player as the formats aren’t the same. I hadn’t thought of that.

    What a dolt!

  3. That clueless twit probably thinks HE’S the one that got the short end of the stick. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him list those gifts on EBAY. What a frigging dolt!

    • emptysuit
    • March 9th, 2009

    Pasadena, thank you for stopping by Im sorry for the late response. Love your Blog!

    Pat, thank you also for stopping by, it is embarrassing coming from one that the public uplifted.

    Joe, clueless is the word, I like the term ‘twit’, thanks for stopping by.

    Don’t make this your last visit.

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