Nappy Head Michelle Dances With A Turnip Ghetto Style

11339793203864Yes, that’s the first lady dancing with a turnip.

It’s a take on DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What.”

Obama is known for her commitment to health, especially among children and young people. Her “Let’s Move” campaign aims to “solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation.”

So she’s not entirely uncomfortable wielding a vegetable.

This isn’t her first foray into pop culture to get us to eat our veggies.

Earlier this year, she starred in a “Tonight Show” skit called “Ew!”


There had never been a case of Ebola in the U.S. until a few months ago. Since then, thousands of people have died of the disease in Africa, and millions upon millions of dollars have been spent treating Ebola patients in the U.S. who acquired it there, one of whom has died.

But the Obama administration refuses to impose a travel ban.

This summer, the U.S. government imposed a travel ban on Israel simply to pressure Prime Minister Netanyahu into accepting a ceasefire agreement. But we can’t put a travel restriction on countries where a contagious disease is raging.

It’s becoming increasingly clear this is just another platform for Obama to demonstrate that we are citizens of the world. The entire Ebola issue is being discussed — by our government, not the United Nations — as if Liberians are indistinguishable from Americans, and U.S. taxpayers should be willing to pay whatever it takes to save them.

Maybe we should give them the vote, too! If Ebola was concentrated in Finland and Norway — certainly Israel! — we’d have had a travel ban on Day One.

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Tom Frieden, justifies Obama’s refusal to prohibit flights originating in Ebola-plagued countries, saying, “A travel ban is not the right answer. It’s simply not feasible to build a wall — virtual or real — around a community, city or country.”

What is it with liberals living in gated communities always telling us that fences don’t work? THAT’S WHAT A QUARANTINE IS.

At the congressional hearing on Ebola last week, Republicans repeatedly pressed the CDC representative, Dr. Toby Merlin, to explain why Obama refuses to impose a travel ban.

In about 17 tries, Merlin came up with no plausible answer. Like Frieden, Merlin kept insisting that “the only way to protect Americans” is to end the epidemic in Africa.

Why, precisely, must we attack Ebola in Africa? Research on a cure doesn’t require cuddling victims in their huts. Scientists who discovered the AIDS cocktail didn’t spend their nights at Studio 54 in order to “fight the disease at its source.”
Until there’s a treatment, we can’t put out the disease there, or here. The only thing Americans will be doing in Liberia is changing the bedpans of victims, getting infected and bringing Ebola back to America. When there’s a vaccine, we can mail it.

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Rush Limbaugh “Obama’s Deadly Ebola Failure” Transcript


RUSH:  I was just telling the staff here, ladies and gentlemen, I have never felt happier, I’ve never felt better about being a hermit, about being a recluse.  Man, oh man, I thought rampant incompetence was taking place, but even I had no idea how bad it is.  No, I don’t think it’s peaked yet.  Sadly, I do not.

Greetings.  It’s Rush Limbaugh.  These the EIB Network.  We’re happy to have you here.  It’s a thrill and delight to be with you.  It always is.  The telephone number, if you want to be on the program, is 1-800-282-2882.  And the e-mail address,  ‘

Now, there’s a lot to do every day, and I can open the program the same way every day by telling you I can’t get it all in even if I try for three hours.  This may be one of those days.  I mean, we’re literally loaded.  I’ve got four or five things here that all would qualify as being the top story that I would lead with.  Ebola has to be it.


RUSH: You probably have heard by now the second medical worker at the Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola.  And, ladies and gentlemen, the newest Ebola patient flew Frontier Airlines the day before her diagnosis.  Not Air Africa.  Not Air Liberia not Air Nigeria.  Not Air Sierra Leone, but Frontier Airlines.

“The second Dallas health care worker who contracted the Ebola virus was on a flight the day before her symptoms,” according to the wizards at the Centers for Disease Control.  It was Frontier Airlines, flight 1143, Cleveland to Dallas. The CDC is asking all 132 passengers who were on the flight to call the CDC phone number.  Those 132 passengers will be monitored for symptoms and interviewed about the flight.

According to the crew, the healthcare worker showed no symptoms.  Wait a minute.  Wait just a minute!  The director of the CDC says that if somebody doesn’t show symptoms, you can’t get it.  Obama said it’s not coming here.  And even if it does, we are perfectly equipped to handle it.  We’re not.  And it has.  It was brought here.  We brought it here.

What are we dealing with here?  What is the point of all this?  The whole story of this outbreak hinges on a few things that the government and the Drive-Bys have tried very, very hard to hammer into truth.  One of those things is in the unlikely event anyone gets it, we’ve got protocols in place to isolate and handle this.  No, apparently we don’t.  And it’s only contagious if you show symptoms. Continue reading

Ebola Virus Infection (Warning Graphic Content)

Highest Ranking Official Killed In The Afghanistan War

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, in which a gunman wearing an Afghan army uniform opened fire on Americans and other Afghans at Camp Qargha, a military academy 11 miles west of Kabul. The camp trains hundreds of Afghan forces a month and was recently renamed the Marshal Fahim National Defense University for the country’s deceased vice president.

A U.S. official described the shooting victim as a two star major general, the highest ranking official to be killed in the Afghanistan war. American generals usually have their own security details. Today’s shooting is the latest in a string of so-called “green-on-blue” attacks in Afghanistan, in which members of the Afghan forces have attacked U.S. and coalition forces. There have been more than 85 green-on-blue attacks during the war, though they have become less frequent this year as fewer U.S. troops have been on the ground in Afghanistan. “The soldiers were visiting the military academy to help with the buildup of Afghan security forces,” Karzai said. He blamed the attack on “enemies who don’t want to see Afghanistan have strong institutions.”

Afghanistan attacks of 2014:
4 Afghan civilians killed in US strike
Tue Aug 5, 2014 9:9AM
Four Afghan civilians, including two children, are killed in a US-led airstrike in western Afghanistan.


Afghan forces have killed 86 Taliban militants in a series of operations across the country.


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Obama’s 64 Impeachable Offenses And 25 Violations of Law

The 64 Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama

1 . Obama’s term as Board Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in the mid- 1990s where he and his colleague, unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, misused over $300 million in private donations meant to improve the education of minorities. Instead of spending the money on traditional learning programs, Obama and Ayers directed the funds to local community activists who wasted it on trying to “radicalize” the students. An official review of the program found that it was a complete and utter failure.

2. As an Illinois State Senator, Obama directed tens of millions in state money to slumlords Valerie Jarrett and Tony Rezko meant to provide for housing for low income, minority tenants in return for political donations. Due to shoddy construction and nonexistent maintenance, the majority of the units, after less than 10 years of use, have been rendered uninhabitable.

3. Michelle Obama’s politically connected $316,000 VP of Community Affairs job at University of Chicago Hospitals while her husband was serving as US Senator. She was responsible for the design of an illegal “patient dumping” scheme that prevents local African Americans from using the emergency room at one of the nation’s finest hospitals and instead redirects them to community healthcare centers where they often receive substandard and inadequate treatment. The high paying position was eliminated soon after Mrs. Obama’s departure from the university.

4. Apparent purchase of a diploma from Columbia university. Obama tries to
explain his absence from Columbia by saying “I lived like a hermit.” In truth, there is not
one credible trace of him actually having attended classes there, let alone of him having
lived anywhere near the campus. There is greater weight of evidence that he was actually
in Pakistan, at the behest of Zbigniew Brzezhinski, who is a professor there.

5. Millions in illegal contributions accepted by the Obama campaign during his
presidential run. Credit card filters designed to screen out foreign money and domestic
donors who had maxed out their legally allowable limits, as required by US law, were
intentionally switched off.

6. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ongoing effort to create international small
arms accords that will subvert the Second Amendment rights of US citizens.

7. The Russian-American START treaty signed by Obama in April 2010 that has no
chance of making it through Congress unless passed during the lame duck session. Not
only does the treaty hamstring US missile defense development and make it difficult to
modernize our rapidly aging nuclear weapons arsenal, it represents unilateral
disarmament by the US in return for nothing more than Russian “good will”.

8. Moving control of the Census Bureau from the Commerce Department directly
into the White House where it is managed by Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel.

9. Providing de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants by Immigrations and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton, who has prohibited ICE officers from enforcing
US immigration laws outside Continue reading

Hamas Attack Israel, Israel Attack Hamas, Obama Taking Cover

opisIsrael launched a major operation against Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza in the early hours of Tuesday morning, dubbed Operation Protective Edge, following heavy Hamas rocket fire over the preceding days. By Tuesday night, Hamas had fired over 140 rockets in 24 hours into Israel, as far north as Hadera; Iron Dome intercepted about 30 of them. Palestinian media put the Gaza death toll at over 20.

The IDF announces that it hit 50 targets in the Gaza strip overnight Monday after launching a major operation aimed at “restoring stability to the South.”

Among the targets hit were concealed “rocket launchers, launching infrastructures, a weapon storage facility, training bases and terror tunnels shafts,” the army says in a statement.

The IDF names the Hamas operatives associated with some of those targets as Ei’ad Sakik, Abdullah Hshash, Samer Abu Daka and Hassan Abdullah, all of whom, it says, have been involved in terrorist activities in the past.

“We are determined to lay a significant blow on Hamas’ terror capabilities and infrastructure, eliminate any threat on Israeli sovereignty emanating from the Gaza Strip and restore stability to the southern region,” IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner says. “Terrorists perpetrating the aggression against Israel have a personal price to pay and will bear the consequences of their actions.” Continue reading


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